March 09, 2010

'Mess'y fooooood !

They say 'there is always a first time for everything in life' .. and so it is.. 14th July was D Day for me.. This date will always be etched in 'bold' n 'underlined' in my personal calender. The day my hostel life began. . .

Being the only daughter to my dear parents, all my whims and fancies were fulfilled. Like a princess i was pampered and cared for throughout my life. Though there were equal instances of restrictions and limitations(grr...which is real frustrating, i don't deny!). In the 20 years of life I spent on this planet, never did i have to part from my parents.

But there came a time when i had to leave them. For the first time - to the Hostel :: my HOME for the next two years!! Home away from home! Most of us think hostel to be synonymous to freedom and independence. Unlimited freedom with no limits and restrictions. My thoughts were no different. Excited and eager i was for the new life that was waiting for me, never realising on what i was going to lose - mom's lovely home-made food topping the list ;)!!

Today i am nearing the stipulated end of these two years. Thinking back to the time i came here, i wonder how i survived. Surrounded by strangers in a totally new place miles n miles away from the support systems(family and friends).

A typical day starts with the disturbing noise made by the fellow hostel mates like banging of doors and buckets, loudspeaker announcements for the day, giggles of laughter (now come on ya.. can they not give consideration to the innocent sleeping souls!!). Sleepy i look at the clock and the time is 7:30! "Oh no!! Not again.. M late today also!!" I jump out of bed and dash towards the washroom only to find them already full. Having breakfast is totally out of question.

Oh yea, breakfast reminds me... lemme explain in detail the 'mess'y food that we are provided with. Like i said having breakfast and getting to college on time is far fetched dream.

The day starts with a dosa or idli. Now its a huge discount offer that one can avail. Just take one and get three free with it (its all stuck together)!!

Lunch and dinner is a date with rice and chapattis (choose the best from the worst!!). I actually have a conversation with the 'onnakakolli' chapattis. They snarl at me saying 'Hey m stronger than u.. Dare Not mess with me!'
Most of the time, i end up having a date with rice coz the snarling and fighting with chapattis do not seem to work out. Tamarind rice, lemon rice, tomato rice, ghee rice, pudina rice... it all tastes the same with just the colour changing from yellow to red to green!

Pickles are a special treat. One forgets to relish d exact tastes of pickles. We can find a variety of pickles varying from beetroot to friems.. N many a times its a 'mix n match' of the pickle gravy and the pieces. Its not shocking to find lemon pieces in gooseberry gravy. Most of the time i take thinking to be gooseberry pickle but end up finding lemon pieces in it .. Goshhh..!!

'Allu' was my favourite till the time i came here. 'Allu sabji' served here is literally like ice bergs floating in the ocean!! The pieces are so....oo huge man (wokayy the cook must be lazy just like moi.. so benefit of doubt given)!! And the soya curry is had thinking to be chicken. But... errrghhh!.... Your brain and heart can be fooled not the tastebuds..!

So this is one of the reasons i miss home n mommy ;). N m sure this will also become one of the things i will miss once i leave this place (hey do not mistake me.. m not talking of the food.. m talking of the times i spend with ViVaCiOuS complaining about the food!!) ;)

This is the menu for the day!!! SiR/MadaM how can i help you!! ;) :)


  1. Hey mind u i have not laughed out like this for the last few months... But this can be understood only by AMRITANS... And ur description about the "aalu" and the "dosa" offer was just too good