March 01, 2010

Loneliness !

I walked down a lane,
Lonely, dark and cold.
No one to hear me out,
No shoulder to cry on.

I sat in a corner,
Dejected, sad and cried.

There came a pat on my shoulder,
Friendly, pleasant and warm.
Turning to see its owner,
Was invited by a lovely smile.

I got a mate, I got a companion.
Someone to share my sorrows,
Someone to look for support,
My world was full of smiles.

There came a day for us to part.
I wanted to bid goodbye,
But my hands would not move,
My lips would not talk.

As swift as it came, it left.
Again I became lonely,
Left with nothing,
Only sweet memory,
Always to cherish.


  1. Its simply great...just like u...

  2. Its simply great my dear friend...

  3. good work turks :)
    luvd it!!

  4. hey...nice one..i like this one the most... :) :)

  5. krishnaraj1/3/10 22:44

    gud one vidi...i like this one the most :) :)

  6. thanks so much guys.. :) :)

  7. nyc piece of verse...after long im seeing a poem so deep and powerful with such simple use of words..hats off